The End of The Road

I’m now back home in the UK.  As promised, here is one final update to give a summary of the whole trip.

The Route:

The Trip in Numbers:

  • Total Distance: 20,752 miles (33,397km)
  • Started: 3rd May 2015, San Francisco
  • Finished: 21st January 2016, Christchurch
  • Number of Countries: 19
  • Number of Continents: 4
  • Max Distance Covered in One Day: 152 miles (245km)
  • Average Daily Distance (on full days of cycling): 103 miles (166km)
  • Max Altitude: 3309m (10857 ft), Wolf Creek Pass, Colorado
  • Max Temperature: 46C (115 F), Port Augusta, Australia
  • Max Volume of Fluids Consumed in One Day: 18 litres (32 pints)

Mileages By Country 2

The Highlights

There have been so many stories from the last 9 months. Many of them haven’t made the blog due to space.

I’ve cycled in nearly every type of weather you could imagine: from snow in Colorado:



…to torrential rain in China:


… and the heat of the Australian summer:


I’ve seen some amazing landscapes: the Gobi Desert in China:


…and the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley in the USA:


….the steppe of Kazakhstan:


….and beautiful coastline in New Zealand:


I’ve slept in some interesting places: whether it was in a ditch in Kazakhstan:

IMG_6079 (2)

…or in a PortaKabin in China:


…or camping in the Australian outback:


I’ve also cycled on some varied roads: whether it was the amazing bridges and roads in China:




….dirt roads in Cambodia:


….or dicing with death on the roads in Russia:


I’ve also had the occasional mechanical: mostly just punctures (I would guess I had about 15 punctures across the whole trip):


…but also the occasional broken spoke:


…and, most seriously of all, a rear hub that fell apart (which happened in Siberia):


I’ve had a few encounters with the police (mainly in China): there was the time they insisted on escorting me off a road that I (technically) wasn’t meant to be cycling on:


…. or the time that four officers jumped out of a police car to quiz me on what I was doing in their town:


There have also been a few encounters of the animal kind: mostly just animals seen at the side of the road, including snakes, monkeys and kangaroos:

….but I also got chased by dogs on multiple occasions in Kentucky:


…. and I also had an animal stomping around outside my tent when I was camping in the States (I’m still not sure what that animal was). And there were also the stories of wolves that I heard when I was cycling through Kazakhstan, although thankfully I never saw any of them.

Above all, I met some great people on the trip. I was amazed at how welcoming people were to a complete stranger. In the America, people assumed that I was down to my last cent, given that I was travelling by bike. I was invited to stay at a stranger’s house when I had only spoken to them for two minutes:


I even got invited to a graduation party when I happened to be staying in a small town in rural Colorado:


In West Virginia, I got offered food by the Salvation Army (which I couldn’t accept -perhaps my beard was particularly scraggly at that point). In Kazakhstan, I was invited to stay with people that I had only been talking to for a minute. And lots of friends of friends invited me to stay, even though I looked like a drowned rat when I turned up on their doorstep. I also met lots of people through Warm Showers and really appreciated the hospitality.



I’m now back home in the UK. Although I do miss being on the road, it has been good to have a break from cycling. I’m also enjoying some of the things that I missed on the road: whether that is meeting up with friends or more mundane things like having a washing machine and having more than one pair of underpants in my possession.

Finally, if anyone reading this is thinking of doing a similar trip, I’d really encourage you to go. I had an amazing time and am really thankful for the opportunity to take some time off and to go exploring for a while (and thankful to have made it back home safely). The experience you get from travelling by bike really is unlike any other.


One thought on “The End of The Road

  1. Nice roundup, Angus. As for going travelling by bike, I think I’ll stick to our boat, thanks. At least I’ve got room for a fortnight’s worth of under crackers and can make a cup of tea while going along!


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