Along the Great Ocean Road

I’m in Apollo Bay, Victoria:

I haven’t updated the blog for a while, partly because I have been trying to get to Sydney in time for my flight and partly because there has not been much to report. Much of the terrain in Australia is pretty similar and it was only after leaving Adelaide that it became a bit more interesting.

At the last update I was in the town of Ceduna. From there I headed to Adelaide. The terrain between Ceduna and Adelaide is not that exciting: mostly very flat, with the occasional small town every 50 miles or so.

The grain silo is the main point of interest in a lot of these towns



Lots of wheat fields

The most interesting part of those days was the heat. One day it hit 42C and the following day it hit 46C (115F/Gas Mark 6). Cycling in those temperatures is quite hard work and you need to drink lots of fluids. On one of those days I drank 18 litres of water. On both those days some drivers very kindly stopped to offer me water (one truck driver even offered to put my bike on the back of his flat bed truck, but I declined).

I sweated a lot in the heat
IMG_8967 (2)
This is the first living kangaroo that I have managed to catch on camera
A koala!
What a wonderful bird is the pelican…



Adelaide. This is the mural at the house of the Warm Showers host that I stayed with

After Adelaide, the terrain gets a lot more interesting. Firstly, there are some beautiful rolling hills just after leaving the city. After the hills, the road then hugs the coast for large sections of the route.

These two cycle tourists are touring on Bromptons (and flying a small plane in between places too)

I spent Christmas day on the road. I actually received an amazing Christmas present: a really strong tailwind (definitely better than the M-People CD that I received for Christmas one year). I managed to notch up 140 miles that day.

It was closed on Christmas day. Their free WiFi still worked though (which is the main attraction there)

I also went to some Christmas drinks on that day. Whilst I was riding along on Christmas day, a couple stopped their car in front of me and invited me to the family gathering that they were having at a nearby farm. It turns out that they had passed me earlier in the day and had driven back especially to invite me to their house. I cycled to their farm and spent some time chatting to the family there and having a few drinks. It was very kind of them.

Another state, another time zone

Yesterday I finally made it to the Great Ocean Road. It’s a spectacular road with some amazing views of the coast. It’s also very hilly in parts.


London Bridge


Unfortunately there have been wildfires very close to here over the last few days. Over one hundred homes were lost in the fires and some of the Great Ocean Road is closed whilst they deal with the damage. I’ve therefore had to change plans slightly (originally I had hoped to follow the GOR all the way along, but that is no longer possible).

I hope all my readers (all three of you!) have had a good Christmas and wish you all a prosperous 2016.


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